Senin, 04 April 2011

Singapore March 31th ,2011

Singapore is a business and tourism country. For starting a business in Singapore is impossible easy but to find out an idea for business is good. There are many types for business here like to sell foods, goods, or services so go to Singapore and spend your money hehehe... >:)
In Singapore so many foods are sold from traditional food until modern food or junk food. Goods like cloths, accessories, souvenirs from the cheapest to the highest price but be carefull for the tourist if you want to buy anything in Bugis area. You have to be clever to bargain or you will be dissappointed later. In Mall or big stores the price is fix and it is better for us to buy here although rather expensive but we can see the quality of goods are different. Money can explain the quality hehehe...
For the foods are variety. There are Chinese food, Malay food, Indonesian food, Vietnamase food, Indie food, Cantonese food, Thai food, Japanese food, Korean food, Italian food, Germanese food, Mexican food, Middle East food, junk foods etc. The cheapest food here is junk food and bread.
If you see the area of Malay and Asia's area, you will see the simple life that they did. Most of them spend their life for selling and eating.
Different from Europe area and modern area. Here, we can see the unique and attractive buildings, neat and tidy places and we will see the modern lifestyle. Many new and expensive things are sold here and the life is futuristic and glamour.
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