Senin, 13 Mei 2013

Frozen Cheese Cake

Frozen Cheese Cake

Frozen Cheese Cake is my favourite cake and my friends and my family like it too.

Here is my special full of cheese recipe.

Frozen Cheese Cake


Cream Cheese             250 gr

Block Cheese               250 gr (mushed)

Milk                                 1/2 litre

Sugar (powder)              50 gr

Maizena powder            50 gr

Salt                                 1/2 tea spoon

How to make it?

Milk, Maizena powder, Sugar, Salt put in one and boild till chewy.

without heat put cream cheese, mushed cheese mix in one then frozen in freezer.

If you like to add topping put chopped fruits or choco chips when it frozed.
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