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The Fallacy of Your Mind.

What is a Fallacy?
A Fallacy is an error in logic where someone has made a mistake in his thinking.

"Lesson on How to Recognize Bad Reasoning"


Farmer Ed: "Like I told your father, your aunt Mabel and I haven't made a profit from the farm for years now."
Young Nephwe back from Agricultural College: "Why don't you try changing some of the way you do things on your farm?"
Farmer Ed: "I think I'll just stick to what I've got going right now. I don't have the patience to try this new system you're talking about. I'd have to unlearn a lot. Your grandpa always said you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I like your optimism. Farming needs people like you, but we're pretty settled here at the farm."

Farmer Ed looks at his nephew's new ideas and he sees too much hard mental work. He doen't believe he has the energy to rethink all that he's learned about farming.
Farmer Ed might be willing to do the physical work, but it takes mental work to change, and that's what he's afraid of. Thinking is hard work.

As Christians, we have the opportunity, the obligation, to use our minds to serve God. We must discipline our minds the same way an athlete exercises his body.
We must exercise our minds so that it does not hurt anymore when we try to use them.

This is the first quality of an Inquiring Mind.

( The Fallacy Detective: Nathaniel & Hans Bluedorn)

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