Senin, 13 Mei 2013

Stop Press!!! // (English Version) A Week High Flood Inside My House!

On Jan 17th, as usual I went to work early morning but the rain was heavy coming down. Lucky public car that I rode that time wanted to send us through highway till our destination. But too bad, the rain was still heavy made me slow to reach the office and the flood was high. Suddenly my mobile phone was ringing and hanging up then I heard one of the administrators of my office who called me said this time was holiday because of flood. So I went back home through the long way because public car couldn't pass the flood, it was too high flood and to risk to pass the flood that was getting higher, and I decided to walk through the flood till I reached to my house.

The fact, the flood was entering my house around my ankles and soon I helped my brother and mom to move the things that we could move to higher place. While we were doing move things, the flood was getting higher entered so we left the things that we couldn't move anymore sinking by flood. The flood was almost to reach my knees. I and my mom moved to my brother's house that couldn't get flood. His house is quite near next several doors from my house.

Suddenly, the next door of my brother came and needed help that her sister was bleeding. Her face is fainted and very weak, soon my brother went to the district office that didn't far from our place to ask for helping but they didn't pay attention to him. He was ignored, but lucky SAR team came, soon my brother asked for helping. At last the sick next door was carried by rubber boat to the hospital with her brother sister and my brother to company.

My brother's house has second floor and we were ready to stay upstairs in second floor because the flood was getting higher. All the things that we could move to the higher, we did and the others was left. The electric was off too, black out from now. At afternoon, my brother hadn't come yet from hospital and also his mobile phone didn't active, we all here were worry something would happened with the next door. But at last, my brother called his wife and said the next door was handled by medical team and stayed in the hospital for a while till recover. We all were happy to hear, more happiness after my brother and next door brother came home. Their shirts were wet because of the flood along the road to the hospital reached their chest. Lucky, the hospital didn't get flood. In hungry and tiring they were back, was gotten welcome hot noodles by my brother's wife :)

Second day the flood was getting higher inside of my brother's house around up my ankles. All neighbors got flood. Some of them moved to hotels, some moved to the relative who didn't get flood. Only five families in our neighbor hood that stayed in our houses. My mom and kids of my brother were moved also to Tangerang to my other brother's house. And only me, my youngest brother and his wife left in his house.

Wow, how was my house, the flood was more high than before? Lucky, my brother had moved beds to the save place and only one big bed that sink. He couldn't save it. All wardrobes, cupboards were sinking till second drawers, and I saved family documents to my bedroom upstairs.
Water supply still had run yet in my house and we connected hose pipes became longer to reach my brother's house because brother's house hadn't had water supply only well that was used by electric pump. We put full to the tank, big buckets and anything container to supply water and we gave to the neighbour till they had full water to be used. But unlucky, at afternoon water supply was running a few and we couldn't full our tank for us so we must used water as need as we can and that time I couldn't take a bath because our water was not enough for bathing :D

Third day, water supply didn't run anymore. But thanks to God, it was raining so we took and saved to the tank even my brother's wife could wash clothes a lot :) The neighbour that got water supply from us didn't feel care to help us even they suggested us to pump water with manual pump that I still had in my house. What a good idea, I thought then soon I went to my house and tried to pump with manual pump and it worked, still worked good but a little bit dirty although the water colour was clear because the manual pump had already long time not been used. After the rain stopped we went many times to get water that we used manual pump from my house to my brother's house and we filtered with ex filter drinking water so we could use that water. At night, the rain was coming down heavily and I kept take water to full our tank and containers so we never lacked water again. Thank you to God.

Fourth day, water was never be our problem although water supply was off. While we took water from manual pump, my brother talked a lot with security factory across by my house. So bad, they could get meals from district office and now they were getting hungry. Lucky they still got a several money in cash to buy meals so they could survive for several days and they asked for help to get a pan to fry and we gave it. Then my brother with other neighbors went to the district office to ask for free meals for peoples around our neighbor hood. Too bad, they said without respect words to them but they asked with politely and behaved, at last they got small packs of meals that available for kid's portion and they gave those meals to the securities around neighbor hood for their lunch.

After lunch time my brother's wife got call from their friends whom donates, then my brother accepted happily those donates to give to someone who needed around us. With helped by other neighbors that were employees of factories, they went to get donate things from alumni of my brother's school and church. They gave to reach the house that couldn't get meals, securities factory and for us in our neighbor hood.

I, my brother's wife and other neighbor wives opened kitchen to cook for securities. One of security found fishes and the fishes couldn't be saved again soon I took to clean and fried then gave to the securities for dinner with other meals. Hmm, I felt that day we got over blessing. Securities didn't lack meals or water for drinking again even they got new shirts too from alumni school group :)
Sixth day, water supply was on although a little bit dirty but thanks God at last ran normally and clean. We never lack food and water even my brother's house had dried. We cleaned and using antiseptic liquid for hygiene and cleaned dry, too bad the electric was still off, and we lacked candles, my brother and his wife went out to find candles. Outside other places from our area had dried but candles were difficult to find, but thank God, they got at last at night.

Seventh day, my brother's wife started to go to work. My house was getting dry too and time for me to clean it up. My brother helped me to clean too and I cleaned kitchen stuffs that sink so when my mom came home all was clean.

Eighth day, my brother's wife uncle had passed away for cancer and this day was time to crematory so I did cleaned alone. Wow, what a tough day and tired. I did it till night but happy from now I could sleep in my own bedroom again in my clean house although still many things left that needed to choose to trash or save.

Ninth day, I started to work as usual again although my feet were pain and swallowed because of too long in water and antiseptic water while I cleaned my house. I felt so pain and hurt but I thanked to God because I got blessing and wise thought about life in lack and over, a truly friend and care in difficult situation. My mom went home too and she tidied the clean stoves on the cupboards that I cleaned yesterday.

One thing that I got from all in difficult day is keep cool and full of thanks, we never be lack because our God is good :)
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