Senin, 13 Mei 2013

Travelling to Bromo Crater

First I travelled to Malang from Jakarta by local plane Batavia Air.
The Airport is very small and Ough... full of smoke I couldnt breath hhhhuhhhh...
Then somebody asked for taxi, a private taxi not a company taxi and we agreed Rp. 60,000,- to my hotel Splendid Inn from airport.

Splendid Inn is a quiet place and old Inn. Nice to be alone but terrible the smoke from peoples around :(
After checked in, I went direct to my room. It was quite big but old and dim light with unfully curtains so can be seen a little bit from outside (it is not a private room) :D

At 07.00 PM, the guide from Blakrax tour in Malang came to pick up me to start our journey to Bromo.
Then our car stopped at Guest house to take a rest a while before we continued our trip to Bromo.
At 03.00 AM we woke up and started to go with jeep. A little bit surprised 11 persons in one small jeep to hike the mountain. During our journey to hike, it was not easy to sit properly so I decided to stand up (lucky, my body is quite fit to stand in Jeep :D)

So dark and quiet road, our jeep with high speed rode to hike a narrow road and shook us about 30 minutes along the road :D then turn down to the wide sand dune.
Hhhhh, I could take a rest now and saw the beautiful view dark sand dune around the mountains and smelt fresh air. Then our jeep started to hike again and I could sit proper that time because 3 persons decided to sit on top of jeep during hiking to the mountain ;)

Early morning with dew came down but the sun was still sleeping our jeep arrived to the park jeeps and we must walked to the top of mountain. I couldn't feel fresh air anymore because of many persons smoked to fight their cold and I tried to keep away from them to get fresh air in early morning during walked hiking to the top :(

Around 5 o'clock we arrived on the top to see sunrise. I could feel cold air 15 degrees waited the sun awaken. At last the sun rises but we couldn't see it appears from behind of the mountain,  we saw the sky was getting light and bright and we saw the beautiful scene of mountains Batok, Bromo and Semeru at behind of them and we were surrounded by Tengger mountains. 
So beautiful view!! :) and the weather is not too cold anymore :) The sun warms us in the morning :P

Then we went down back to jeep to continue our trip to Bromo crater. Through sand dune, our jeep parked and we walked up to the top of crater. So many peoples and crowded along the way to go up. Some of them rode horses to go up. They hired from down to top around 50,000 rupiahs. Step by step we walked around 30 minutes and took a while for resting and drinking water for a few minutes then continued to walk again. If someone couldn't walk again, the horses rental was ready to help and they rented to the top around 30,000 rupiahs :D  It was amazing and interesting moment. The rental is individual rental and they are very busy to  go and return many times to earn money from tourist who couldn't walk again to the top.

After walked high the sand dune mountain, we had to go up by stairs to the top about 260 step stairs.
At last about an hour walked I reached to the top of Bromo Crater :)
I saw ex Seismograph Place far away on the mouth of crate, and I thought It would be horroble eruption when that eruption time.
So wonderful big crater Bromo was created and I thanked to God for His creation that I still can see in this world, but sometimes peoples didn't care of safety

Safety fence was damaged but still more peoples sit or stand nearby it :(  It is too dangerous place at the top of Bromo crater.
I wish the Bromo post officer could see and repaired it soon and fast for safety.
After I took a rest and took some pictures and kept away from smoking peoples, I went down back to the jeep. It was faster walking down than walking up :D so I could take more some pictures for fun :P

Along the way to go down, the weather was getting hot and I smelt sulfur so strong. It blew up and spread up on the ground sand from underground. That was not dew foggy but Sulfur fog.I couldn't stay longer with strong sulfur smell so I walked down faster to the jeep and took a rest in jeep while waited the other members in our group.

Then we went to the Savannah in the valley of Tengger. 
That is a wonderful view. It looks as like as in the movie that I had ever seen.
A prairie in Little House of prairie, Savannah Teletabies, Rocky Mountain High in Virginia :D
It amazed me to dream
Hope you enjoy and happy to my story !! :)

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