Senin, 13 Mei 2013

Two days in Padang and Bukit Tinggi West Sumatra Indonesia

This time I travelled from Jakarta to Padang by Tiger Airways. After check in hotel at Sriwijaya Hotel, I wanted to look around Padang because the time is still in the morning. I saw this hotel has facility free fun bike ;) That is good idea!!!  I got bike for free fun bike, no limited times so I could go with bike anytime I liked.

Then I was surrounding Padang area by bike from hotel J My hotel is Sriwijaya Hotel, small hotel like transit hotel but clerks are friendly but too bad, no place for fresh area from smoking.
From airport to town even on the mountain or forbidden smoking places, I smelled smoke, pollution from cigarettes. I couldn't enjoy but lucky I got taxi free from smoking because the driver didn't smoke either and I felt fresh from car air con ;) The driver was good and talked active about tourism places. Because the next day I was free so I decided to use his car to go Bukit Tinggi and we agreed the price is Rp. 500,000,- all in to Bukit Tinggi, except entrance fee places. His name is pak Zulkarnaen, taxi airport driver with yellow cab ;)

The first way from hotel I rode my bike to left way then rode and rode according to myself to ride everywhere :) Then I found Art & Culture Museum and entered. Fee is Rp. 2000,- but they asked me for Rp. 2100,- I didn't know for what that Rp.100,-. I couldn't park my bike because the key didn't work and I asked the clerk where I should put my bike if I went inside then he told me to put inside his place so my bike would save. Then I went walk about 50 meters inside to the big house.

It is amazing culture of Minangkabau :) but no guide there so no one told me story about the culture and things there :( After finished look around museum, I went out and got my bike again free parking :P and continued to ride to another place.
Along the way I saw Pyramid Mosque but I couldn't take the picture because it was busy traffic traditional market, it was not easy for me to take pictures, then I continued riding again. I found big Catholic Church. Seldom to see churches because majority of religion here is Moslem. Then I crossed to the right way and I found beach.

That is a wonderful beach along street, many small restaurants and canteens. I stopped my bike to take a rest and enjoy Fresh Coconut Water and its fruit. The price is Rp. 7,000,- and I enjoyed myself to see the small waves ran to the shore. I continued to ride along the shore till the boundary of the bridge then I went across the bridge and turned right way and I found Roemah Pancake.  Durian frozen pancake that I had ever tried in Jakarta from someone gave me as present. I went inside and a little bit different. I saw real durian frozen pancake was green colour now so I choose durian creamy frozen pancake which is yellow colour @ Rp. 8,000,-/pc and chocolate frozen pancake @ Rp. 5,000,-/pc. The price is very expensive but delicious.

Then I continued to the South and East places, no beach but the view is mountains. And I rode and rode along the way, and inside to the small road to the residences to went out again to the main road till I felt tired in the afternoon :P and I stopped at KFC restaurant. The parker is very humble and he said to me, it is free for bike and save without key so I didn't have to worry :) and I went inside to have my late lunch :P
During I ate my lunch, I smelled smoke and I saw one customer after ate he smoked without somebody asked him forbidden to smoke in air con area. So annoyed me then I continued to eat at outside near auto bikes’ park and also nearby my bicycle :P I enjoyed my lunch outside far from smoke :)

On the second days, I went to Bukit Tinggi as our agreement at 07.00 o'clock we started till night to airport directly because my flight was night flight. Along the way, he talked about the area that we passed, the story about earth quake, big flood, slide down around those areas and their rest ruins
From his story, I found many young peoples here were wanderer, and most of business here is food. To see the view Lembah Anai, we had to pay entrance fee Rp. 3,000,-/person.

I went down and I saw Japan Cave on the right side so I went there directly. Paid entrance fee to cave Rp. 5,000,-/person and there was tour leader there and asked me to guide with fee minimum charge Rp. 20,000,- then the leader explained the scheme of cave on the wall in front of the cave. It was wonderful cave where Japan had planned to build this cave as their secret center army in South East Asia. With Romusha (force working) as prisoners, they built for Japan with suffered and cruel execution.
This cave was found by peoples and Indonesian armies where they built their area to grow during Soeharto regime then they gave to Tourist Department to dig this treasure and the government of Japan was interested too to take care of this history cave and supported to renew for tourism but too bad, now had stopped and left unfinished, why??????? :'( During I went in to see and heard the history from leader, taxi waited me at Lembah Anai the exit place from cave around 1,5 km, then we continued to go up to Bukit Tinggi where Hatta Museum is. But while we arrived there, we didn't have parking place and Museum was crowded, I didn't go in because I got sprain on my knee because of biking yesterday :( so I just took big clock in the middle of park and we went down to see fountain besides street.

It was amazing the fountain still kept firm besides street but pity the rain was hard and I couldn't enjoying to see from car and couldn't feel the water fountain splashed my face :(
We stopped at Bika Talago to taste bika (a sweet bake food from flour mix coconut, some added banana) @ Rp. 2,000,-/pc. Nice but I am not sure the hygienist of the maid's hand who served us without kitchen stoves :D  then we stopped at food shop to buy Kripik balado and others, the prices are variety from Rp. 9,000,- to Rp. 14,000,-/pack. Sweet potatoes chips in small package Rp.9,000,-/pack, Kripik Balado chips in regular package Rp. 11,000,-/pack, Taro chips Rp. 14,000,-/pack and etc and stopped again at Sate Padang, with or without kupat (steam rice in bamboo leaf) @ Rp. 18,000,-/portion. One portion = 8 pieces of beef or heart (cow) and we had lunch at Padang Restaurant, nice and hot spicy :P but there were several food unspicy that I could eat too :P lucky :) Most of Padang food are hot spicy with colourful of spices and chilly. After lunch, we didn't have places that we could go again so I decided to go to airport, back to Jakarta :)

Tips: the one who didn't like smoke smelled, use mask, will be better :)
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