Minggu, 09 Juni 2013

My Worst Day on Joel's Birthday

Today is the tenth of Joel's birthday, my sixth nephew of ten nephews and nieces from my brother-sister :P
I plan to cook Fried Noodles and Chicken Wings for him  although I never touched kitchen stoves for thirteen years ago. My sister bought them for me to cook yesterday and I did not think that she bought me dried noodles. :P

While they are going to church on Sunday Morning, I start to cook and clean the house for three hours before they come home. It is worst. The noodles were soft, I forgot to dry noodles after boiled :(
And Fried Chicken Wings looked bad. It took much time to make them fried because they were still cold from refrigerator. I am down and disappointed  myself but it happened.

When they came back, I said to them, "The noodles were soft and Fried chicken looked bad, please don't feel disappointed." My mom grumpiest me and my brother didn't want to eat the soft noodles, it made me sad. But my sister ate soon flattered me: "The taste is delicious in soft noodles." so no problem to her and my nephews ate then they said: "Those were delicious although looked awful." :D they laughed and liked them to add more portion:)

I was curious in my upset and asked my nephews; "Why did you like them, don't you say that you just want to make me happy?" Joel said to me, "Auntie, your food is delicious, truly. And I like them and want to add more although those are bad look and I thank to your effort on my birthday, auntie. I am happy"

I am very happy what he said to me and I said to him, "Happy birthday Joel, may your birthday has sweet memories. God blessed you." What Joel said to me, "Yes auntie, I have Sweet Memory on my birthday with soft fried awful noodles and chicken wings but delicious tasted and I will never forget it :D".
He laughed and we laughed together.

After ate and celebrated Joel's birthday, his sister has ballet performance today and she wanted me to make up her face. Off course I liked it but what a worst day for me today. I left my make up tool in my office after made up my students on Easter Day. So I made up her with the rest tool kits that I left here.

"Look at the pretty ballerina" said her father to her and her mom was happy to see her make up is beautiful and again she praised what I had done :) Soon she went and her parents sent her and picked her up later. When the parents came back, my sister told us that my make up did great, everybody in back stage praise the make up of my niece. I was very proud to her. She is pretty and beautiful girl.

Well, now I am happy. I have wise sister and wonderful nephews and nieces. And I am very proud of them and always want to help and make them happy too. On Special Day of Joel today is my special day too to have encouragement and support family that I have.
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