Senin, 17 Juni 2013

The Last Day of Christine

Christine is a charming, feminine and friendly teacher. She is one of a quiet but wise teacher that I had ever seen in my school and today is the last day of her in this school because she will continue to teach in other town.

We are four good friends in our school although we seldom talked but we have good relation and sometimes we hanged out together for having dinner after school. Like today, we are going to mall and having dinner for her farewell party. 

We eat and chat in many topics, sometimes we laugh together and free crackers from restaurant accompany us loyally ;) We can feel our hearts become one and the last of our gathering times come. We take many pictures in much style for memory and we hug each other with tearing happiness, sadness mix in one.

When will we meet again? We never can predict it. We just hope one day we will meet together again. We changed our phone numbers for continuing our relationship but we can not sure that we can be together, just hoping one day we will be together again. 

I asked her to stay in my house for a day and she likes it. I am very happy then we walk together to the bus station, waiting for the bus to take us home. Along the way to my house, we are talking, talking and talking. We do not care surrounding just talk and sometimes laugh together, it is so exciting. Talking without ending, many things of topic we talk and never feel bore to discuss it.

We are in my bedroom now and we still keep talking, although our voices whisper because it is almost midnight but we never feel sleep. And we laugh without roaring laugh just in whispering to break the silence.
The time is going on and the sun will arise soon but we still talking and laughing together like we never want to finish our conversation but we have to. 

We have to stop our interesting conversation about many things to continue our life as usual in our routinely in the morning, so we stop talking and sleep in happiness.
We woke up a little bit late and after breakfast she went to her place to pack her things and would meet with some friends of her whom wanted to say goodbye to her.

And I stayed in my house to do my duty in house for a week that I left it:P While I was washing my clothes, I got her text message that said she met her friends first before packing and we planned to go to my brother's house to see his bag store because she liked to see and perhaps she wanted to buy.

Soon I did my home duty faster and at afternoon, I was ready to pick up her from her place to my brother's store and I took a bus but the traffic was jam and I got text message from her because she has not finished yet packing her things so we cancelled our planning and I would come to help her packing things. 

I arrived to her place and I saw her face so tired and her body was weak and I asked her what had happened? And she said that she could not sleep in her place anymore. Actually she got problem in her place that made her could not sleep well every night for a year and she had told me while we chatted last night so I asked her to stay with me until tomorrow night she go home, and she agreed and step by step she looked all right and I thought she really has a big trouble in her place that made her scare to stay again. 

After finished packing, we went out for having dinner but we did not feel hungry so we just ate ice cream and chatted, shared again. This time she opened about her life why she did decide to back home although truly she still like to stay in this town to work and having friends like our friendship. Actually, I liked her to stay here too so we can still meet together. 

We talked long till late night then we went directly to my house by taxi and in my bedroom, she talked a lot and shared more. Our friendship we felt more than just as friend but as sister as we are. I wish I can help more to her but I just help as can as I do.

That is what a friend for. A place to talk, always opened to help and care. 
And I am very happy to have a friend like her. 
I found a best friend and a pretty sister that I never have before. 

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