My travelling's pictures that I took during my holiday in Makassar South of Celebes

Quiling is a rolling paper that was arranged become a character. It was made by Melly Sutisno (my youngest sister in law). She created and I am her marketing in this site ;) We join to have a small business here and you can order here or contact me on my mobile phone number 08569994425

Cake Clay is my hand made creativity from clay to make special mini cakes

And Cooking is my hobby to cook or make some food that I like :D

Mari Retail Shop Online on Facebook provides many products to sell in Cheap and Special Price as like as:

1. Tour & Traveling around Indonesia, South East Asia, China, Japan, South Korea and Melbourne.
     SIC min.2pax, Small Group min.5pax, Big Group min.20pax

2. Food & Culinary in Jakarta.
    We sell some food and dessert or snacks and we try to develop and needs join partner in business.

Others Category is news or event that I write according to my feeling. It is not for making peoples to be upset or envy but I hope it will be thought for as relatives brother-sister in this world with love and care.

As you must to know all the profit from selling here will be donated to fund the String of Love Foundation.

String of Love Foundation is a private and non profit foundation for helping someone who needs help and support  from broken family or home, trying to give the solution for making their selves as a human being.

Well, I hope you enjoy read and see and buy somethings that you think interested or seriously to be our join partner in business.

Love and Care


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